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  • November 13, 2017
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Stir the stock rose but the withdrawal *ST Guangxia uncap smooth hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Sina Finance App Level2:A shares speed Kanpan: Live Online bloggers to guide the reporter Shao, good editor Sun Fang announced the application uncap just after a couple of days *ST, has announced the withdrawal and Guangxia, said to be after the disclosure of the annual report in accordance with the provisions of the new application. Check back announcement on February 23rd, when *ST Guangxia claimed that as of February 1st, the Company repurchased and the issuance of shares and payment of cash to buy assets has been completed, to meet the provisions of article 13.2.11 of Shenzhen "Stock Listing Rules", the revocation of all conditions of delisting risk warning. Therefore, the board of directors applied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 22 to withdraw the delisting risk warning for the implementation of the stock transaction. And the company securities referred to by the "*ST" changed to "Yinguangxia A". However, this situation has changed two days later. In today’s announcement, *ST Guangxia claimed that, in view of the company’s major asset restructuring can not fully meet the section 13.2.11 of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange "Listing Rules" (a) "according to the Commission on the major asset restructuring provisions of the sale of all operating assets and liabilities, buy other assets and the completion of the implementation of the conditions, the company on 24 February the Shenzhen stock exchange for withdrawal" on the revocation of the stock trading delisting risk warning application ". Only two days later, the company declared that it could not fully meet paragraph 1 of article 13.2.11 (13.2.11), in which the logic made the market difficult to understand. However, *ST Guangxia also said that the company will be disclosed in the 2015 annual report, according to the provisions of article 13.2.10, to apply to the Shenzhen stock exchange for the revocation of delisting risk warning stock trading. It seems people in the market, after the early integration, *ST Guangxia asset qualification indicators should have no problem in uncap the application on the promise and then deny in succession, perhaps is not straighten out in the program and other matters. It is worth noting that, in the "ST" for "submit – withdrawal" process, *ST Guangxia shares have changed. *ST Guangxia announced the submission of uncap the application on the same day, opening the company’s share price will be single letters to the limit board. Not only that, in February 23rd 24, two days, *ST Guangxia shares out of the "word board" market, the market sought to flee the market "remarkable. In fact, *ST Guangxia announced the application uncap to stock price also rose in the market expected. From the historical experience, * ST shares Zhaimao has always been one of the highlights of the annual market. Whether it is the fundamentals of the company overall change, or price limits relaxed, open space for uncap uncap market, after rising almost into a high probability event. Especially this year, * ST shares Zhaimao process of the universal speed, after several * ST shares announced Zhaimao also have access to the market blitz. "*ST wide theory"

搅动股票大涨却撤回申请 *ST广夏“摘帽”好事多磨 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙记者 邵好 ○编辑 孙放   宣布申请“摘帽”刚过了两天,\*ST广夏却宣布又撤回申请,称待年报披露后按照规定重新申请。   回查2月23日公告,彼时*ST广夏宣称,截至2月1日,公司定向回购和发行股份及支付现金购买资产工作实施完毕,已满足深交所《股票上市规则》第13.2.11条规定的撤销退市风险警示的全部条件。因此,公司董事会于22日向深交所申请撤销对股票交易实施的退市风险警示。并将公司证券简称由“*ST广夏”变更为“银广夏A”。   然而,这一情况却在两天之后有了变化。在今日公告中,*ST广夏宣称,鉴于公司重大资产重组不能完全满足深交所《股票上市规则》第13.2.11条第(一)款“根据证监会有关重大资产重组规定出售全部经营性资产和负债、购买其他资产且实施完毕”的条件,公司于2月24日向深交所申请撤回了《关于撤销股票交易退市风险警示的申请》。   此前申请时宣称满足“第13.2.11条”的全部规定,而仅两天之后,公司却表示已不能完全满足“第13.2.11条”第(一)款,其中逻辑令市场难以理解。   不过,*ST广夏同时表示,公司将在2015年年度报告披露后,依据第13.2.10条的规定,重新向深交所申请撤销对股票交易实施的退市风险警示。在市场人士看来,经过前期的整合,*ST广夏资产资质等指标应该都没有问题,在“摘帽”申请上出尔反尔,或许是在程序等事项上没有理顺。   值得注意的是,就在“摘帽”申请“提交——撤回”的过程中,*ST广夏的股价已经发生了变化。*ST广夏宣布提交“摘帽”申请当日,公司股价开盘便被大单封至涨停板。不仅如此,2月23日、24日两天,*ST广夏股价均走出“一字板”行情,市场对“摘帽行情”的追捧可见一斑。   事实上,*ST广夏宣布申请“摘帽”从而股价大涨也在市场预料之中。从历史经验来看,*ST股“摘帽”一向是年报行情的看点之一。无论是公司基本面的整体改观,还是涨跌幅限制的放宽,都为“摘帽”行情打开了空间,“摘帽”之后的上涨几乎成了大概率事件。尤其是今年*ST股“摘帽”流程普遍提速,此前几家*ST股宣布摘帽也均获得了市场的热捧。   “*ST广夏在申请‘摘帽’时应该已经对市场评价做了预判,至于究竟为何在适用条件上出现前后不一,公司也应给出更多解释。”上述市场人士称。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: