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Hong Jie: the United States that flies straight gold hot column A great hawk spreads its wings high capital flows thousand thousand shares of shares of newly diagnosed rating simulated trading client Hong Jie: the United States refers to waterfalls three thousand feet high gold A great hawk spreads its wings of fundamental analysis: the next day (February 3rd) spot gold opened at $1128.56 an ounce intraday highs. Hit $1145.75 an ounce and $1024.45 an ounce of highs and lows, eventually closed at $1042.94 an ounce, the gold bull to ignore all the data, a "rush" rose $14.38. From the fundamental news, the United States (February 3rd), the overnight dollar Powei crash, benefit from the tight supply and the dollar plummeted, precious metals investment demand, driven by the precious metals sector collective rise in price. ISM’s non manufacturing index in January hit its lowest level in two years, showing a slowdown in services and a contraction in the manufacturing sector. Dudley, the Fed’s number three, said, "if the financial environment continues to tighten, the news that will affect the Fed’s decision" also pushes the dollar down sharply on that day. The Fed’s number three man, the New York Fed President Dudley said in an interview, the Fed rate hike in December since the financial conditions have tightened, if things go on like this will make the Fed’s monetary policy pressure, a stronger dollar will hurt the U.S. economy. This statement may speculate that the interest rate plan will be postponed. U.S. disk time, the United States in January ADP employment increased by 205 thousand, compared with December has declined, the former value from +25.7 million revised to +26.7 million, and nearly a month of data reflects the slowdown in the U.S. economy echoes. ADP is the forward looking data for non farm payrolls data on Friday, and the decline indicates an increase in the probability of a pullback in non farm data. The slowdown in the economy is a drag on the labor market and has a short-term beneficial effect on the trend of precious metals. At the same time, the United States subsequently published services and manufacturing PMI (PMI) both weak ICE dollar index hit an intraday low of 96.89, the lowest since early November last year, the gold action can remain strong. EIA crude inventories surged 7 million 792 thousand barrels to more than 500 million barrels in the evening of January 29th, reaching a new high in 1930. After the data release, crude oil take the day to gain, but by the expected reduction in production and the impact of the dollar index plummeted, crude oil again innovative high, but also pull the gold again high innovation. Data and risk events on the date of the transaction: 1. 20; 00 British central bank benchmark interest rate in February; 2. The number of jobless claims at 21:30 in the United States in January 30th; 3. The monthly rate of factory orders in the United States at 23:00 in December. Technical analysis: gold yesterday in Powei rise, eventually closing line. From the daily line of view, the short-term bullish trend is still strong, you can buy at a bargain point, taking into account the Friday (21:30) U. S. non farm payrolls data, the recent volatility is relatively large, coupled with the impact of the data, the best off farm list before the end of all, clearing the spring festival. There are 1030 areas above the pressure in the day and 1055 areas in the lower part

洪杰:美指飞流直下 黄金大鹏展翅创新高 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   洪杰:美指飞流直下三千尺 黄金大鹏展翅创新高   基本面分析:   隔日(2月3日)现货黄金开盘于1128.56美元 盎司,盘中屡创新高,触及1145.75美元 盎司和1024.45美元 盎司的高点和低点,最终报收于1042.94元 盎司,黄金多头无视一切数据,一路“狂奔”涨14.38美元。   从基本面消息来看,美国方面, 隔夜(2月3日)美元破位大跌,受益于供应收紧和美元暴跌,贵金属投资需求增强,带动贵金属板块价格集体上涨。美公布的1月ISM非制造业指数创两年来最低,显示服务业增长放缓,而制造业仍呈现收缩。而美联储三号人物Dudley称“若金融环境持续收紧,将影响美联储决策的消息”也推动当日美元暴跌。   美联储三号人物,纽约联储主席杜德利接受媒体采访时表示,美联储12月加息以来金融环境已经收紧,长此以往将使美联储货币政策承压、美元走强将伤害美国经济。此表态可能加息计划将被延期的猜测。美盘时段,美国1月ADP就业人数新增20.5万,相比12月有所下滑,前值从+25.7万修正为+26.7万,与近一个月各项数据所反映出的美国经济放缓相呼应。   ADP是周五非农数据的前瞻数据,出现下滑预示着非农数据出现回调的概率增加,经济放缓拖累劳动力市场,对贵金属走势起到短期利多的作用。同时随后公布的美国服务业和制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)双双表现疲软,ICE美元指数盘中一度触及低点96.89,创去年11月初以来最低,令黄金上行动能保持强劲。晚间1月29日当周EIA原油库存猛增779.2万桶至超过5亿桶,达1930年来新高。数据公布后,原油回吐日内涨幅,不过,受到减产预期和美元指数暴跌的影响,原油再创新高,同时也拉动黄金再创新高。   本交易日关注的数据及风险事件:①20;00英国2月央行基准利率,②21:30美国1月30日当周初请失业金人数,③23:00美国12月工厂订单月率等。   技术面分析:   昨日黄金破位上涨,最终以中阳线报收。从日线上看,短期多头走势仍较强,可以逢低去买点,考虑到周五(21:30)美国非农数据公布,本身近期波动也比较大,加上数据的影响,最好非农前单子全部了结,清仓好好过春节。日内上方压力1030一带,下方支撑1055一带;现货白银操作区间14.3-15一带。投资者控制好仓位,注意风险。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: