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Depression By definition,psychologistsdefine aPersonality Disorderas present only if yourpersonality traitsare so inflexible and maladaptive that they cause you major problems. Unfortunately, the boundary between averagepersonality traits and Personality Disorderis tough to draw because there is not a universal definition of what comprise of a major problem. Different people will have different takes on the question. Having apersonality disordermeans you are not the kind of person who can adapt smoothly to the normal give-and-take of everyday life. Instead, you await the world and people to change for you rather than being able to cope to the requirements of different situations and relationships. People who havepersonality disordersbehave in a tough and inflexible way that perpetuates vicious cycles and fulfills their worst prophecies. They have a closed mind that makes them misunderstand or filter out new information that does not support their expectations . They act in ways that elicits just those responses from others that will make their negative expectations a reality. For example, you are paranoid and believe that everyone is conspiring against you. You will evidently become suspicious and mistrustful of them in a way that will cause them to become reciprocally suspicious of you – which in turn confirms your feeling of being conspired against. Similarly, if you are shy because you anticipate rejection and humiliation, you will act in an apprehensive and socially inept way that ultimately leads others to reject and tease you – which then makes you even more shy and avert . Having aPersonality Disordermeans that you get in the same fix over and over again and can never figure out quite why or how. There are ten separate Personality Disorders, which may occur singly, or even more often, in mixture. Each Personality Disorder is a maladaptive accentuation of personality traits that in milder form would be normal or even desirable . It is better to have a balance of the various moods rather than to express any one of them in the extreme. The ten Personality Disorders are: *Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder *Dependent Personality Disorder *Avoidant Personality Disorder *Histrionic Personality Disorder *Narcissistic Personality Disorder *Borderline Personality Disorder *Paranoid Personality Disorder *Antisocial Personality Disorder *Schizoid Personality Disorder *Schizotypal Personality Disorder Understanding how yourpersonality impacts your life is more than half the battle in living better within its confines. Your ownpersonality stylewill color how you judge other people’spersonality functioning . For most people, increased personality awarenessdoes not lead to radical personality change but rather to a smoothing of the rough edges, a modulation of the most troubling nature , and a greater ease in going with their natural flow when this is essential. Many of you may have the much more ambitious goal of decisively changing how to deal with your relationships, your work, and yourself. With the help of apsychologist / personality disorder therapist,this requires large doses of immense work, but the rewards are great both for you and your loved ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: