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Womens-Issues Are you a woman who’s frequently out of sorts when it comes to fashion? Now you won’t have to be. These easy fashion tips will guide you avoid pitfalls and direct you towards dressing for style and success. First, remember that small is enough, especially in the fashion world. If you like following celebrity fashion trends, keep in mind that celebrities tend to overdo their look for maximum photo impact. This overdosed style, however, won’t be guaranteed to work for you on a day-to-day basis. If you really like getting the latest trends, do be careful to avoid wearing more than two trends at the same, or else you’re going to look more like a fashion victim than someone in style. Trust your gut instinct. A lot of women, and men for that matter, don’t always trust their gut when it comes to fashion. Stop doing this and listen for a change. If you think and feel like a current trend is just too young or too old for you, then chances are you’re probably right. Not everyone can dress up like Madonna or Cher, even if they wanted to. You can dress a bit out of your age group, however, if it makes you feel comfortable doing that. Again, trust your gut feeling. Even if you’re over 40 and you still feel comfortable and look great in a short skirt, then go ahead. The same goes for younger women who feel like wearing some classy pantsuits, even if they’re only 21 or 22. The important thing here is that you feel and look good in what you’re wearing. Black is always beautiful. Black is a classic color that just exudes sophistication; it makes your outfit look more flattering and expensive. This is especially true for the ever-popular little black dress, which just looks good on you no matter if you’re at the Captain’s Table on a cruise ship or attending your high school reunion. This dress comes in many variations and lengths to make you look even better, such as a strapless number to show off your flawless shoulders, or an hourglass fit to accentuate your figure. Consider the shelf life of trends you are following. Don’t get caught up in the latest, hottest fads. Always keep in mind that fads are just what they’re called fads. You’ve probably experienced more than a dozen so-called hottest things yourself. If there’s one thing you ought to know about fashion, it’s that it is a very unpredictable industry. Hot handbags, pants, jackets, skirts, scarves, etc. are quickly tossed aside once new ones come along. What to do? Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting in must-have items, but just remember that they’ll be the in thing for only a short time. Never pick fashion over your image. Sure, there are times when see-through blouses, ultra-short skirts, extra tight dresses and other styles with plunging necklines and high thigh slits will look good on you, but never wear them on your professional, day-to-day routine. Some fashion magazines will even tout these looks as sexy and feminine, but they won’t ever work wonders for your professional life. It doesn’t matter what your work or career is; never wear them to work, period. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: