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Writing-and-Speaking Economic Liberty follows individual responsibility and accountability especially in matters of fiscal responsibility. Economic liberty is Utah’s goal and any limited government’s goal, however, state sovereignty must take into account the importance of the individual responsibility citizens must exercise to create the economic liberty. Also, as much individual responsibility that is exercised, must also be coupled with economic liberty and limited government interference so that the fiscal responsibility lies on the individual responsibility of the business’ and people. Economic Liberty must come from a government, even a limited government, understanding that too many restrictions and regulations can suffocate economic liberty. Obviously there must be some regulations and restrictions that a limited government must require even within an economic liberty system. With the public health in mind, a limited government can set regulations on food products and health services for example, but these regulations should not interfere with economic liberty. It may be a fine line at times for a limited government to maintain economic liberty while still exercising their power to create public safety and health. There are some things that Utah could change in its regulations that attempt to protect the public, but in fact suffocate economic liberty. There are some regulations that intrude upon individual responsibility and economic liberty. There are some activities within the Utah economy that could happen if there were more economic liberty and less of the restrictions that the state sovereignty has created. In some areas of the Utah there must be more limited government regulations and more individual responsibility to create more economic liberty. Economic liberty should be created while at the same time public safety and health are maintained with limited government regulations in Utah, but these regulations shouldn’t want to protect the public so much that it intrudes upon Utah’s economic liberty. In search for a happy medium of protecting Utah’s economic liberty along with Utah’s state sovereignty providing protection, health, and safety to Utah’s public, attorney Brian Greene Utah House District 57 has some suggestions and opinions on how this should be done. On matters of economic liberty, attorney Brian Greene Utah House District 57 claims that Utah state sovereignty needs to re-look at their objectives and ensure that their objectives are legitimate and not overly protecting Utah’s public. Attorney Brian Greene Utah House District 57 claims that Utah’s state sovereignty is doing a great job at providing Utah’s public with safety and health regulations for business and occupational controls; however, attorney Brian Greene Utah House District 57 claims that Utah’s state sovereignty has over-stepped the line of over-protection and not letting economic liberty be a part of Utah’s public business and economy system. When it comes to Economic Liberty, attorney Brian Greene Utah House District 57 reminds Utah state sovereignty that every person in Utah has the right to lawfully hold an occupation and or engage in business that is lawful. Attorney, Brian Greene Utah House District 57 says that Utah Sovereignty needs to step back a little and let this be, economic liberty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: