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  • September 29, 2017
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Software PHP is one of the most widely preferred programming languages and this is because of the advantages it provides to its users. PHP is known for providing a solid foundation for creating various kinds of applications through features that make source code programming easier. Since PHP is an open source language it is available for free and is supported by a large community that updates it on a timely manner making it better periodically. This is where PHP scores over other languages. It has various other supportive frameworks that provide standard templates, components, and plug-ins. CakePHP and Code Igniter are the most famous of all the ones available and they have extensive advantages that will help you create efficient, functional and high yielding application. These frameworks are most preferred by big enterprises for creating applications that have to deal with large amount of data and security purposes as the applications built upon these platforms are dependable and secure. CakePHP has its specialization in providing a strict, standardized extensible architecture for rapid application development with the use of common design patterns for Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). CakePHP is the best platform for those who are still in the learning stage and dont want to go through the hassles of learning all those complicated code structures. It also supports MVC, multiple databases, ORM, database objects, caching, and validation and user authentication. Code Igniter on the other hand is more sought out platform. It offers a more robust usage functionalities and common tools that are well documented. Some of the main advantages of Code Igniter are compatibility, easy configuration and flexibility in coding rules. Code Igniter also supports the MVC framework which works in favor of the developer as they work separately on their respective forms to create a highly functional application. And the best part is that it is considered to be faster than Cake PHP and Zend. PHP is as it is known for its trustworthy applications and that is why it is widely used throughout the world. It is not only free but is supported by an online community and this works in the advantage of the users as the community not only updates it timely but also is always quick to fix up the issues that the users might be facing at any given point of time. So if you want to create an application that gives your work solid support and provides good yielding power then PHP is the way to go about. There are various frameworks within PHP like CakePHP, Code Igniter and Zend that work on MVC to bring out the best from a developer and help them create amazing applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: