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Perfection Focuses On Quality – Every Time Posted By: johnson author She traveled down to Cancun, Mexico for a mini facelift, a lower eyelid lift, a brow lift, and fat transfers. She chose Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda from the Perfection Makeover and Laser Center for a number of reasons. "My experiences began with their patient coordinator. Her enthusiasm and desire to make sure everything was taken care of and all of my questions were answered made my decision to choose Perfection Makeover and Laser Center easy," she said. Dr. Gonzalez and his staff at Perfection Makeover and Laser Center want every patient who walks through the door to feel comfortable and confident about their procedures. "We take the time to discuss procedures, options and answer questions from patients," says Dr. Gonzalez. "We know you place your trust in us, and success for your treatment or procedure is vital to us." Her initial meeting with two surgeons took about an hour, and all her questions were answered. She had begun to feel more comfortable from the moment the patient coordinator picked them up from the airport, took them to their hotel room, and made sure that they were checked in before she left.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Plastic Surgery Cancun Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cosmetic Surgery: For Men Posted By: johnson author Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Surgery in Panama Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Care And Compassion At Perfection Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Clinic Posted By: johnson author It’s one thing to want to change your appearance, either slightly or a lot, but the thought of cosmetic or plastic surgery where incisions, staring and potential complications may prove more of a detriment than a benefit. However, as Melissa, one Canadian patient found out, cosmetic surgery doesn’t always have to involve incisions. When Melissa read about perfection medical spa and plastic surgery clinic in Cancun, Mexico, if she knew she’d found which she was looking for. She wanted to have a little work done honor nose and lips and was more than happy with the results. She saved not only a ton of money, but enjoyed the experience, compassion and care of Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda, well known in the region for his expertise and "bedside manners." You see, for many patients around the world, it’s not only the surgical procedure that matters, but the personality, attention, and reassurance are offered by doctors and surgeons that determine whether a not a patient is more likely to choose one Dr. or procedure over another.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Plastic Surgery Research Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico High Standards Of Care In Guadalajara Posted By: johnson author Jamie spent years and thousands of dollars trying to achieve her dreams. Seeking success and a modicum of perfection with her male-to-female transition, she was delighted to find exactly what she was looking for through the services of Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas and his surgical team at NeoPlastic. Jamie had gone through surgical procedures before, including cheek implants, liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast implants. However, it wasn’t until she met Dr. Cárdenas that she found the surgeon who could help her achieve her dreams. Jamie sought out the services of world-renowned Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena for his skills at performing facial feminization procedures. Jamie Experiences High Standards of Care in Guadalajara After enduring several surgeries performed a little at a time in order to meet her budget, Jamie realized she could have benefitted from the services as well as the enormous savings in costs offered by Dr. Cárdenas. After one of her surgeries, Jamie was afflicted with severe bouts of nausea and vomiting, and felt that her post-surgical hospital care was substandard. Seeking excellent care, which she needed in order to achieve her goals, Jamie was unable to fund her facial feminization surgery in the U.S.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cosmetic Surgery Inform Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Seeking The Best In Facial Feminization Surgery With Dr. Cárdenas Camarena Posted By: johnson author Marion didn’t think her features looked feminine enough to suit her artistic personality. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and as an artistic person, she was highly critical of her own features. Such displeasure with our own features often leads to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and our sense of criticism, in ourselves, and the way we present ourselves to others. Marion had spent nearly three decades in the fashion industry, never quite feeling as if she fit in or belonged. She was one of the best at what she did, but that didn’t help her feel as if her face and body fit with her job description. She did something about it. After searching for years to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon to meet her needs, Marion decided, and rightly so, on the services and skills of Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena to address her needs. Seeking facial feminization surgery, Marion was pleased with what she learned about Dr. Cárdenas. "Dr. Cardenas impressed me with his honest assessment and sincerity at the very first consultation. I immediately knew I could trust him with the care of my face." Such a statement is not said lightly.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cosmetic Surgery Inform Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Making You Look Beautiful Posted By: johnson author Guadalajara is one of the most beautiful locations in Mexico, and is home to one of Mexico’s most renowned cosmetic and aesthetic reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena. In the thriving metropolis of Guadalajara, visitors come from around the world to rejuvenate their appearance and achieve their dreams under the specialized and compassionate care of Dr. Cárdenas, as he is familiarly known. For the best in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, seek the best. Dr. Cárdenas is popular throughout Mexico and Latin America as a man who wants his patients to walk away from his clinics very happy, pleased and filled with self-confidence and joy. Dr. Cárdenas provides comfortable, inviting, serene and safe environments in order to make his visitors feel comfortable, enjoy the experience, and understand every aspect of their care and treatment. From lip fillers to fat augmentation to liposuction and hair transplants, Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas is one of the most respected and renowned aesthetic surgery experts in Mexico. Treatments offered by Dr. Camarena Dr.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Tummy Tuck Surgery Plastic Surgery in Guadalajara Brow Lift Surgery Eyebrow Lift Treatment Facial Skin Resurf Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Enjoy Your Makeover In Cancun Posted By: johnson author Cancun offers so much more than a party spot for college students on spring break, or vacationing families seeking only to swim with the dolphins, go deep sea fishing, or lounging around on the white and sandy beaches along warm, Caribbean waters. Cancun has also become a preferred destination for medical and dental procedures including plastic and cosmetic surgery. One of the leading facilities for plastic and cosmetic surgery and spa treatments is the Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center. Offering everything from luxurious medical spa treatments to liposuction, breast augmentation and reduction, as well as traditional tummy tuck plastic surgery, Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery offers one of the most gorgeous, friendly, and relaxing locations in the world. What makes Perfection so unique is that they offer both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. With more than two decades of experience in surgical anesthetic treatments, staff at Perfection offer experienced coordinators and consultants ready, willing and able to offer the utmost and professionalism and courtesy to every patient seeking services at their facility. International medical travelers and tourists can have the best of both worlds through PlacidWay, a medical provider seeking to offer choices.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Medical Spa Treatment Tummy Tuck Surgery Plastic Surgery in Cancun Brow Lift Surgery Eyebrow Lift Treatment Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cancun: Sandy Beach Vacations Meet World-class Cosmetic Surgery Posted By: johnson author Paula, Melissa, Susannah, Valerie, and Aurora are all women looking for the same thing; affordable cosmetic or plastic surgery. They found their answer at Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Women like these don’t trust their bodies or face is to just anybody. They’re looking for expertise, experience, and the best, highly trained cosmetic surgeons around the world. Certified by the Medical Tourism Association, Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center offers a team of surgeons trained in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery who have received experience from training facilities not only in Mexico, but in Germany and the United States. Paula was looking forward to enjoying the benefits of affordable yet quality breast augmentation at the Perfection Makeover and Laser Center. Like many women, she was concerned about results. "I knew that I wanted to have a natural looking bust line and left it up to Dr. Gonzalez Cepeda to choose the size and style of implant for me. He picked the perfect size and did a beautiful job. I never had a moment of doubt the whole time. I felt safe and confident that I would be well taken care of.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico Perfection Makeover in Mexico Laser Cent Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Medical Tourism In Mexico: Cross-border Options Posted By: johnson author Medical tourism is being taken seriously these days, as is evidenced by the massive numbers of individuals traveling across borders to seek quality, safe and effective medical care and treatment. In the past, medical tourism was considered a risky business, but in the early years of the 21st century, has grown into a world-class, certified and accredited option for many medical consumers. Rising health care costs in Canada and the United States have prompted individuals to travel across the southern border of the U.S. intp Mexico to enjoy and reap the benefits of experienced, educated and world-class surgeons, procedures and technologies. What Can You Get in Mexico? Medical tourism in Mexico offers individuals treatments in nearly every medical field, from cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to the latest in dental technologies, obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures, to stem cell research to cancer therapies.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Dentistry in Mexico Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Orthopedic/Knee Surgery Medical Tourism in Mexico Health Care Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Perfection Offers Perfection Posted By: johnson author There are few places as beautiful as Cancun, a world famous tourist destination in Cancun Mexico, along the white, sandy shores of the Gulf Coast. Cancun has grown a worldwide reputation as providing some of the finest, qualified and effective medical spa and plastic surgical procedures in the world. From tummy tucks to breast implants to liposculpture, nose surgery to medical spa treatments, Perfection offers the best. "Our trip to see Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda and his crew far exceeded our expectations," says Jessica, a patient who underwent Lipo sculpture, a Brazilian buttock lift, and a medial thigh lift. Jessica was understandably anxious about the quality of services she would receive in Mexico, and even her U.S. based doctors cautioned her against it. However, Jessica took the time to research facilities and found that Dr. Cepeda of Perfection carried all the same medical and training credentials as U.S. based surgeons and was internationally certified to perform the procedures she was interested in. "Once the doctor examined me in person, he offered to do more than we were originally quoted for, without charging anything extra.Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Tummy Tuck Surgery Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery in Cancun Brow Lift Surgery Eyebrow Lift Treatment Laser Skin Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Tailored Beauty At Art Face Posted By: johnson author Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Tummy Tuck Surgery Abroad Thread Lift Center Cheap Thigh Lift Hospitals Skin Resurfacing Hospitals in Mexico Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Finding Perfection In Cancun Posted By: johnson author Cancun… the name evokes images of white, sandy beaches, warm aqua waves and fancy drinks with little umbrellas. Cancun also provokes images of luxury hotels, world-class dining and state of the art facilities, including Perfection Medical Spa in Cancun, a leading cosmetic surgical center located in the heart of sunny Cancun. From tummy tucks to facial skin resurfacing to lip augmentation or ear cosmetic surgery, Perfection Medical Spa offers services to world travelers seeking specialized facial surgery and treatments that include laser depilation to ear or chin surgery. Best of Both Worlds Argelia Soto visited the facility for surgery in December 2009. She went in for a MACS Lift procedure. A MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) lift is often recommended to patients with sagging cheeks and skin on the face and the neck. The procedure involves small incisions in front of the ear through which subcutaneous tissues can be "lifted" to achieve a more youthful appearance. At 59, Argelia certainly didn’t feel as old as she appeared in the mirror. She wanted to do something about it without undergoing massive facial surgical procedures and decided to look around for providers offering minimally invasive facial surgery.Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cosmetic Surgery Centre Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Mexico 相关的主题文章: