Whys And Wherefores For Denial Of Citizenship Application Form 院士坐二等座走红 孙悦完成脚踝手术

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  • September 29, 2017
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Legal Citizenship of any country is generally obtained by birth. There are few countries in the world which possess gravitation force to pull people towards its side and hence people wait in long queues to apply to obtain citizenship of such countries. The country topping this list is USA and ease of filing US Citizenship Application Form has made US still more attractive, it being the fantasy land for many youngsters around the world. US Citizenship Application Form U.S. immigration laws provides lot more benefits to the immigrants and among them U.S. citizenship is the highest benefit and privilege available to any immigrant, and therefore not all the time stress-free to obtain. For people looking for obtaining citizenship through naturalization, the process jolts simply by filling out Form N-400 — but is basically more intricate than just filling out the form. There are a number of norms that must be met and a number of reasons citizenship can be denied. Denial of Citizenship If a person fail to meet the norms of US citizenship or if he/she fails to meet the eligibility requirements for filing US Citizenship Application Form, then his/her citizenship application form may be rejected. Here are few grounds on which a person can be denied US Citizenship. Five Years as a Lawful Permanent Resident Longevity of your stay as a lawful permanent resident matters a lot in obtaining US Citizenship. A person is allowed to submit his/her N-400 (US Citizenship Application Form) up to 90 days before the person has reached his/her 5 (or 3) years with a green card, but no earlier. Though wrong filing time will not lead to denial of citizenship, it comes up in cases where the person didnt earn permanent resident status loyally. Applying for citizenship gives USCIS time to review your entire file. It looks for substantiation of fraud, such as people who entered into a sham marriage to get a green card etc. In such a case, not only would your citizenship application form be rejected, you would likely be referred to immigration court for removal actions and possibly stripped of your green card. Also if you have not reached the required residency period before filing your US citizenship application form your application will be denied. Lack of ability to Speak English Another common reason for the denial of US citizenship is applicants being unable to speak, read, or write English. Applicants who may face this problem, it’s worth checking whether they might take help of a waiver. Failing the U.S. History and Government Test The history and government test isn’t strange, provided all 100 possible questions are dispatched on the USCIS website, under "Study Materials for the Civics Test." Yet, plenty of people fail this test. Lack of Good Moral Character Another common ground for denial of citizenship is absence of good moral character. This denial usually comes when the individual applying for citizenship has a trivial criminal record, for instance, if misconduct has ever been committed by the individual that involves "moral turpitude" the citizenship application form will most likely be denied. In the worst-case scenario, the person might face removal proceeding Any one denied citizenship for language disability will be given a second chance. Persons who have their US Citizenship Application Form denied on other grounds can appeal or re-file after correcting the issue led to denial. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: