Your Electric Service – Get To Know Your House 京承高速车辆自燃 美女议员被泄裸照

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  • September 29, 2017
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Customer Service First knowing that your home is really helpful, although it may seem complicated: power centers, water, electrical service, gas system. You never know when a problem occurs and know your way around could help you. Before you start your own electrical system study you have to be careful how you. Don’t touch the Commission and the standing water in the room and do not use both hands simultaneously in your research. By the Panel with both hands touching, you become open circuits, which means that the current lost by you will pass. The central control for electrical power in your home, light switches, sockets, receptacles is called an electrical service panel. In an old house electrical controls will be located in a metal box with fuses and is the electric service Panel. Fuses resemble tubes or glass on top plugs. More recently built houses have rocker switches in this metal box, which are called circuit breakers. It is the devices to stop the flow of electricity in a circuit as safe operation is assigned too much current. Although the fuses and switches actually circuit breakers are there is a difference between the two: switch type toggle switch to "off" automatically in case of overload while with Wicks of the metal inside them is strip melting because of the overload, break the circuit. This band of metal must be replaced after such an event with the same size and type one. Great threads of your home are connected to the Panel, and they come from external electrical meter, which in turn is connected to the electrical network of the company. The main control that allows you to activate the electric power for the House and outside, search at the top of the pane service if you toggle a switch circuit breakers. This is where you usually find, in particular the other switches, although it is not a strict rule. It is possible that the main switch is behind a small door that you need to open to reach. You have fuses, is what you are looking for the main fuse, also at the top of the box. The control was mostly a number indicating the type of service you receive, measured in ampere: 100, 150 or 200. The toggle is sometimes only be found in the electric service Panel, but in a different metal box, perhaps even in another location. Call that an electrician to find the solution in such cases it may be. Creation of a circuit board will help you when, in connection with a current overload, the lighting of the House will turn off. This means that each switch or merge with the rooms, switches, receptacles, or devices that it controls labelling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: