Dealing With Difficult People And How To Listen With Your Ears And Eyes 台湾宪兵被砍伤 刘晓庆戏精上身

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  • September 29, 2017
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Business Dealing with difficult people is tough work. Whether these people are in your working or personal life. You do have to try communicating with them. COPING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE BEYOND THE WORDS When working with difficult people you must make sure to concentrate on effective communication strategies. Many people respond just to the words that are spoken. Such words are very emotional and distressing and when you only notice the words being said, you become mixed up in a pile of emotions such as fear, anger, stress and more. You have to become more aware of both the nonverbal and verbal communication patterns in dealing with people. YOU NEED TO TAKE NOTE OF THIS IMPORTANT ADVICE The most important advice for you when attempting to communicate is this. Work on listening both with your ears and your eyes. So what is this listening with these ears and eyes? Try these two important communication strategies. LISTENING FOR TONE OF VOICE AND NOT JUST WORDS Strategy 1. You have to listen beyond the words that a person is using and hear the tone of their voice. Ever have someone say they are not upset by what you did, but the tone of their voice told you the opposite? They sounded frustrated and angry. In reality, they were very upset. Their words said one thing but the tone of their voice said the opposite. Listen carefully then to their tone of voice. POWERFUL LISTENING WITH YOUR EYES Strategy 2. What is actually listening with your eyes? This is about concentrating on their body language in dealing with difficult people. You have to watch with your eyes the type of body language of this other person. Such body language forms over 80 percent of all our communication patterns. Have you realized that words and the body language a person demonstrates can be very different? For example, when someone says they are not upset by your behavior, however, their body language shows clenched teeth and clenched fists. If you listen with your eyes and watch the body language you will find out so very much more. You will understand what that person is really communicating to you. They are upset. THE FULL PICTURE AND BRINGING IT TOGETHER When you pay attention to both the verbal and non-verbal communication you will be way ahead of everyone else who barely takes notice of what is being said. Few people put it together to get the whole picture in communicating with another person. Having the ability to do this is even more important in coping with difficult people. Why? TESTING YOUR SKILLS IN COMMUNICATING Because in dealing with difficult people at work or home they really do upset you. They get your emotions going. The more emotional you are the less able you are to pay attention, particularly to the non-verbal communication of another person. With these very difficult people, if you are able to focus on reading their non-verbals and listening to their tone of voice not just their words, then you are in greater control. CALM, COOL AND REMAINING VERY DETACHED You do have to stay as emotionally detached and as very calm as you are able to do so. The more upset you are, then the less capable you are of being aware of the real communication occuring beyond the words. So aim to stay cool, calm and concentrate on the communication process. CONTROL AND DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE You are then actually more in control of your emotions, not the difficult person. Because your focus has gone beyond the angry and insulting words that person is saying to other aspects of their communication SKILLS OF COMMUNICATION FOR YOU At every opportunity in dealing with people, but particularly with a difficult person aim to sharpen your communication skills. Go beyond the words to listen to their tone of voice and watch the body language they are displaying. Your focus is on the communication not just the person. You will gain insights into what they really mean. You will gain greater power over your own emotions and all communication in dealing with difficult people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: