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Acne Acne and treatment are the concern of millions of people. You dont have to be a teenager to have acne. Many adults also have acne. We now know that for teenagers hormones are one of the leading causes of their acne. Therefore, the question is, what can be done to control or normalize hormones to prevent acne? Your health is dependent on how healthy your organs and cells are. This health comes from the information that is transmitted from the hormones that flow throughout your body. If you want to stop acne and improve your facial skin, then work to balance your hormones by creating good health. Most doctors dont think diet causes acne. If the doctors were right about food, then they would easily be able to help you clear your acne with their drugs. Drugs can give you temporary relief, is they work at all, but as you use them. They can also give you some unpleasant side effects. Do you really want to get rid of your acne? Most people want to, however, they want the three day cure. This is impossible. The body does not work this fast. Using a diet can get results, but it will take time. As you change your diet, your body needs time to replenish depleted stores of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrient. This will help to cure your acne and treatment will be a good diet. Changing the way you eat is the best at home acne treatment. It is not a fast treatment for pimples, but it is a natural way to get rid of acne. It may take a couple of months, but your pimples will not come back right away or at all, if you change your diet. First, here are some lifestyle changes you need to change. If you smoke, drink alcohol or drink coffee, dont get eight hours sleep, get depressed frequently, or get upset or angry a lot, then this program will not work too well for you. Here is a list of foods to eat less of or to avoid all together for your acne and treatment. For all of the food that is not good for you find a substitute that is better for you. Make these changes gradually, so they become part of your life habits. * All products made from white flour have little nutritional value and do nothing to keep your healthy. In fact, white flour can cause constipation, making your colon toxic which can lead to acne. Back off on white flour slowly and replace it with products that have multi-grains. * Packaged food, in boxes, bags, and enclosures are all junk food. This food lacks the vitamins and minerals it originally had before packaging. It lacks fiber, which is one of the main sources for creating good health. The attempt to fortify foods is un-natural and creates food that is unbalanced and detrimental to your body. * Avoid all dairy products cheese, butter, milk, and so on. These foods are called mucus foods, because the cause mucus to form throughout the body. If you wake up in the morning with congestion and mucus in your throat, then you should back off milk, white bread, and oats. * Eat more fruits in the morning to detoxify your body. Eat more raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. Try to avoid eating cooked vegetables. These vegetables lose up to 50 percent of their nutritional value when cooked. It is best to steam your vegetables and leave them a little hard by cooking only 3-4 minutes with very little water. Your acne and treatment you use for it should concentrate on improving your diet. Change your health and it will change your acne. Good health means you are eating the foods your body needs to build a good body. Eat junk and processed foods, and you will create a junk body. About the Author: Now you can get some real help with your acne. Why wait, get the acne tips and information to get you started. Go to our website to get some new ideas and techniques to start on your acne program. Get our new e-book on how you can deal with your facial blemishes. acne skin care This e-book shows you how to stop acne and how to get rid of it with natural remedies. Don"’t let your acne get out of hand and embarrass you wherever you do. acne skincare Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: