4 kinds of emergency pregnant mother don’t touch belly

we often see the belly of the mother walking love touch belly, actually mother’s stomach is not what you can just touch, touch it with appropriate gestures to distinguish the security situation. Which of the following is the case under the quasi mother is not suitable to touch the stomach, right?

case: placenta do not touch belly

is the first touch touch fetal education exchanges between expectant parents and fetus, through touch mother’s abdomen, the unborn baby can feel the presence of their parents and respond.

You can exercise your baby touch

fetal education skin tactile, and tactile feel nerve stimulation in vitro, thus promoting brain cells accelerate the development of your baby, your baby’s mental development; fetal education can inspire the enthusiasm of touching your baby activities, promote the development of the movement of god.

2 months of pregnancy, fetal baby activity in the womb, but the range is very small, the mother can not be perceived, with the increase of the month of pregnancy, the range will increase more and more, from the stimulation of amniotic fluid, squinting, suck fingers, make a fist, until the stretch, turned somersaults, etc.. So, the early stages of pregnancy, fetal fetal education can be implemented.

of umbilical cord around neck occurred in the early and mid pregnancy, this stage of umbilical cord long, a large space, it is likely that a turn or two fetal umbilical cord around the neck when someone will automatically return to normal, whether in direct contact with the touch belly, touch no way. But the doctor does not recommend that mothers frequently touch belly, especially in late pregnancy, easy to stimulate the contraction, premature birth, placenta previa, especially some signs premature or frequent movement of mothers more frequently cannot stimulate the stomach.

two: late pregnancy do not touch belly

occasionally touched his belly, is good at the mother’s psychological, after all, have a lovely baby in her belly, gently stroked one or two occasionally, pleasing mother mood. But remember not to frequent, even hard to touch. After 3 months of pregnancy, on their own stomach, do not rub, but can not rub.

a lot of late pregnancy mothers love touch with the baby belly exchange, but late frequently touch belly really easy to stimulate the uterus, cause uterine pseudoaneurysm. If the method is inappropriate or too frequent, it is possible to cause premature birth.

in general, the mother of the strength of the stomach is quite soft, not enough to cause danger. But prospective parents properly touch fetus, certainly more good than harm.

is the first touch of fetal education exchanges between the prospective parents and the baby, proper touch, pat, can strengthen the emotional communication and connection between mother and child, can also touch nerve and motor nerve baby exercise.

but the prospective parents do touch fetal education,;