2016 mainstream smartphone charging speed PK guess who is the champion nlite

2016 mainstream smartphone charging speed PK guess who is the champion? Tencent digital news (Kevin) after the endurance of Phone Arena on this mainstream smart mobile phone battery of the pressure test, including Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and Google Pixel were among the top three, in the same pressure test conditions, the most durable battery. This result is also fully demonstrated that the battery capacity is not the only factor affecting the endurance, operating system optimization, power management technology is also critical. However, we all know that Apple has not used the so-called fast charging technology, which is a well-known brand name of the ad described the charge three minutes, two hours call". Fast charging technology to pass as the representative, the latest Xiaolong Soc has been able to support the "Quick Charge 3", can be in about 35 minutes to a mobile phone battery charging from zero to 80%. In addition, Samsung and other manufacturers also have their own fast charging technology, basically by raising the charging voltage to achieve. So, this year, charging the fastest mobile phone which is it? Phone Arena also through the previous evaluation database gives the answer. This year the fastest charging mobile phone for Motorola Moto Driod Edition, in the same charging environment, just 72 minutes can be filled. Followed by a plus 3, takes about 74 minutes; the other is LG G5, for a total of 76 minutes (minutes). The apple iPhone battery is the most durable 7 Plus in this part of the bottom, take 197 minutes to full power. Of course, other apple models introduced in 2016 are also significantly behind the Android mobile phone. So, the mobile phone charging speed compared to last year, whether there is a significant improvement? Let’s take a look at the mainstream smart phone charging speed ranking in 2015. Last year, the fastest charging models were LG V10 won, just 65 minutes to be filled; followed by the Samsung S6, for the past 78 minutes; the third also comes from Samsung, is just a full Note minutes of the 5. From the data point of view, it seems that this year’s charging speed seems to be slower, but taking into account their battery capacity has a different range of increase, it is understandable. In addition, the charging speed is still the first consideration to safety, too fast is not necessarily a good thing.相关的主题文章: