20 thousand and 160 major clinical studies on the international stage

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  • March 3, 2017
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20 thousand and 160 major clinical research debut in the international arena – Sohu health

to carry out clinical research can provide evidence for the formulation of guidelines and policy makers to better promote clinical decision-making, promote the development of medicine, better service for patients. With the development of our country, more and more Chinese studies are published in the top international journals.

in the past 2016, in the international arena, what are China’s blockbuster research debut? Let us together to review.

1, berberine can cure infertility

has been used for the treatment of dysentery and gastroenteritis berberine, may have exposed on the one hand to improve the reproductive function of female".

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine, led by Professor Wu

Xiaoke completed a study at home and abroad with the largest sample size of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) study, for the first time found that berberine can promote ovulation, improve the reproductive effect of pregnancy rate and live birth. Its curative effect is to promote ovulation and reduce androgen synthesis by releasing insulin resistance.

can be extracted from Chinese herbal medicine berberine of Coptis, phellodendron, three needles and other plants. Commonly called berberine hydrochloride berberine hydrochloride. The results were published in the lancet.


study included 644 patients with PCOS infertility subjects were randomly divided into small? Alkali plus placebo and letrozole plus placebo, plus letrozole group base?. After 6 cycles of treatment, the results showed that the survival rates of the 3 groups were respectively 22%, 36%, and 34%, respectively. The pregnancy rate was 29%, 46%, and 49%, respectively. The pregnancy rate was 22%, 39% and 38%, the ovulation rate was 6%, 59%, respectively. While berberine group patients rarely have nausea, constipation etc.. In addition, the live birth rate similar to western medicine curative effect of berberine first-line oral clomiphene, berberine 6 months after PCOS in patients with live birth rate is about 22%.

Wu Xiaoke pointed out that compared with the traditional western medicine metformin and berberine for the treatment of PCOS, in addition to effective hypoglycemic, improve insulin resistance, but also the regulation of hepatic LDL receptor cells, thereby effectively lowering. And taking berberine gastrointestinal adverse events was low, with high compliance.

2, a new treatment for advanced gastric cancer

PLA cancer center of PLA 81st Hospital of Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University professor Qin Shukui and Professor Li Jin led apatinib in treatment of advanced gastric cancer of stage III results show that for the received second-line chemotherapy and metastatic gastric cancer patients, which for Nicole as a new treatment plan. Compared with placebo, apatinib monotherapy in patients with advanced gastric cancer can be the median overall survival (OS) extended for 1.8 months, the median progression free survival (PFS) extended for 0.8 months, and adverse events were reversible controllable. (J Clin Oncol.2016 February >