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  • April 16, 2018
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Anti terrorism 15 years the American people do not have a sense of security personal rights have been violated – in September 11th, the distance from the 9· occurred in 2001, "" event for the whole of the year. After such a long time, the people of the United States on the issue of terrorism becomes calm it? The investigation of Pugh Center recently published results show that 40% of the respondents said that the possibility of terrorist attacks than "9· larger 11", 31% "9· and that is as large as 11, the proportion is the highest in 15 years. "15 years, people are still worried about terrorist attacks, which is disappointing." In commemoration of the 15 anniversary of the event 9· 11 "event, the U.S. Department of defense over seventy retired officer Allen · Cooper said to the reporter. Cooper is a survivor of the "9· 11" terrorist attack, and comes to the memorial service every year. 7 colleagues, just a few meters away from me was engulfed in smoke." President Obama attended the memorial ceremony, he said: today I heard nothing new speech. The government should do more to fight terrorism." Eric one family came from Pittsburgh, as died in the terror attacks in the mother of flowers. "The shadow of the terrorist attacks has not yet dispersed, the country is still fragile." He told the reporter that. Since "9· 11" incident, the United States has invested heavily in counter-terrorism. The "the Atlantic issue" for accounts, the U.S. government in the fight against terrorism in the cost of more than $1 trillion. In 2001, the United States has 35 anti-terrorism forces, now increased to 104; since, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation’s overall budget increased by nearly 3 times. For ordinary people, in order to prevent terrorist attacks, they pay a lot of personal rights price: accept the airport of systemic X optical scanning, allowing powerful departments access to personal information, accept more street video monitoring etc. when going out. U.S. National Security Agency, former employee Snowden exposure prism program, but also to monitor the alignment of many countries in the world. However, the security of the American people did not increase, the shadow of terrorist attacks lingering in the heart. The United States did not happen again "9· 11" event that large-scale terrorist attacks, but both California and San Banadinuo shootings, or the Orlando Club massacre, affects all of this string taut terrorist attacks in the minds of the people. Although the United States killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, · but the extremist organization Islamic state continue to grow in the middle east. According to former U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel said, Islamic state has constituted a "9· of the United States; 11 level of threat. "Compared to the economic situation, I’m more worried about terrorist attacks. Anti-terrorism for so many years, why the ‘Islamic state’ forces can be so rampant?" From Maryland to attend the "9· John 11" memorial to the reporter to issue such a sigh. Islamic state)相关的主题文章: