120 thousand car go back to Xiamen high-speed high-speed free at 12 o’clock tonight drop dead diva

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  • November 16, 2017
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120 thousand car go back to Xiamen high-speed high-speed free at 12 o’clock tonight in a blink of an eye, to the end of the National Day holiday. Yesterday, a large number of foreign tourists away, and a large number of local people back. According to the Xiamen high-speed traffic police detachment monitoring situation, Xiamen high-speed traffic yesterday has begun to increase, usher in the return peak. Today, high speed free at the end of the day, the traffic department suggested that the deadline for the holiday free high-speed policy 7 days nightly 12 o’clock, we should arrange a good time to return. We come back to the 120 thousand car high-speed go back to Xiamen in October 5th, Xiamen highway 10 toll station entrance traffic 215535 times, up 9.38% year-on-year, the entrance flow is 95527 times, the export volume of 120008 motorcycles, normal road traffic. Which Xiamen port entrance flow 57481 times, export 32419 times, 25062 times the Xiangan port entrance; entrance flow 52369 times, export 27140 times, 25229 times the entrance; Xinglin port entrance flow 29068 times, export 17078 times, 11990 times the entrance. The export is bound for Xiamen from the high-speed road, that is to say, yesterday to return to Xiamen traffic leaving Xiamen traffic more than more than 20 thousand times. Some people ask which high-speed car less, in fact, from the data we can see that the Xiamen port port of the maximum flow, Xiangan, Xinglin export at least. In October 6th, back to Xiamen vehicles more than the day before yesterday, in the evening, Xiangan high-speed toll gate, a toll queue of vehicles is more than 100 meters long, but did not block to the ramp, the vehicle was ordered by. The traffic department predicted that Xiamen will focus on the return peak on the 7 day and night, in the afternoon of 6 traffic overlay, traffic is expected to be a "blowout". If there is a traffic accident, traffic jams may still occur. To this end, the traffic police department suggested that travel personnel to avoid peak hours and peak sections. According to the experience, the peak of the traffic flow in high speed road usually appears in the morning from 8 to 5 p.m.. But before 7 in the morning, around noon, evening after the traffic flow will be a little less than 6 points. Traffic police department to remind owners should try to avoid congestion peak time, choose a shorter period of time. Out of the island traffic Overlay "four bridges and one tunnel is blocked in addition to high-speed road, four road bridges and one tunnel" import channel, but also because of the two island city stream superimposed and amble. Yesterday, the "four bridge tunnel" out of the island increased traffic channel: 8:26, Xiamen bridge in the direction of the island of vehicles amble, 38 poles at the right lane there is a fault car; 15:35, Xiangan avenue into the island of 17:07, the direction of the vehicle slowly; the direction of the vehicle slowly into the island of Haicang bridge. Return peak, morning car began to rise, once there is a small accident, it will cause the vehicles stranded." Traffic police department said. The road to success, Xianyue road and other roads around the island road traffic volume, significantly more than two days ago. 17:10, a successful Wucun Avenue tunnel to Xiamen direction of vehicles amble. "A few days before the national day, Xianyue road traffic on the non peak a lot less than usual, very smooth. But from yesterday, these sections have been more than a slow car;相关的主题文章: